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Winstars Soccer Academy

Players by Birth Date & Position

Players born in 2005

Nolan Freel
April 14, 2005
Player pic
Zachary Torelli
May 30, 2005
Centre Defensive Midfielder-Captain

Players born in 2006

Akashdeep Virk
Akashdeep Virk
December 19, 2006
Left Wing
Aidan Gulli
Aidan Gulli
April 19, 2006
Left Wing
Carlo Mischiato
May 5, 2006
Full Back
Gianluca Galluccio
September 15, 2006
Right/Left Winger
Aiden Sopov
August 2, 2006
Ethan Wright
February 1, 2006
Attacking Midfielder
Player pic
Christian Moriana
February 15, 2006
Michael Plesca
May 24, 2006
Right Back
Richard Brown
December 12, 2006
Joshua Coulibaly
December 3, 2006
Center Back
Justin Narvaez
April 24, 2006

Players born in 2007

Mario Ruffolo
Mario Ruffolo
January 15, 2007
Marcello Reda
Marcello Reda
September 6, 2007
Joshua Ringhofer
September 6, 2007
Cade Fenton
Right Wing
Luke Donia
May 2, 2007
Centre Back
Jeremy Wits
May 30, 2007
Center Back
Luca Desimone
October 15, 2007
Centre Attacking Mid


Players born in 2008


John-Victor Almeida
July 31, 2008
Left Wing


At Winstars we train players to be skilled and encourage them to explore their best talents. This helps build confidence and leadership in all of our players. For some this leadership is a stand-out quality and these players are natural captains.

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Our players and coaching staff make Winstars a special place!