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Winstars Soccer Academy

Winstars Academy Program

Winstars Programs include:

Academy program – 6-month program (Winter/Spring or Fall/Winter)
Membership – one-time fee for all players to promote players with online profiles & highlight videos.
US Travel – 2 Showcase trips per year.
SAT Prep course – complete course which we run 2-3 times per year.

Our player-centric academy program has been designed to open doors for motivated young players. Each year our seniors go on to play in the NCAA or CIS, and many also go on to play for professional teams.

Our Academy program consists of 6 hours of technical training per week, in a professional environment. We have a professional goalkeeper coach on staff.

Our boys will be provided quality training gear, which includes: tracksuits – leisure and training, uniforms, rain jacket, winter jacket, travel bag and toque.

Our Academy has an annual showcase which is usually played in December and we have over 100 Coaches come from all over North America, including the CIS, NCAA and NAIA.

Each year we have a Summer Tour, where we visit at least 4 Universities and scrimmage those particular Universities, this is usually a week tour and is in the 3rd week of August.

We participate in a spring showcase tournament, in the FC Dallas Showcase, and we scrimmage at least two Universities in the spring season.

Each year we run a minimum of two SAT Test Prep courses at our office to help our athletes prepare for the SAT Test that is required for those who want to play sports in the NCAA or NAIA.

Once a Winstars player reaches the age of 16, a one-time Player Membership can be purchased. The player will then have access to our University Placement program. We will promote the player on our website (player profiles), and do the research to match the player with the best fit for university and soccer programs. We are always in contact with a multitude of US universities, and these schools are always pleased with the quality of player that we send their way. We take most of the worry out of selecting a university and getting prepared to meet admissions requirements.

What the Winstars Academy program plus a Player Membership will give each player

A proactive and aggressive approach to helping student athletes get to the best university and soccer program.
Advanced Technical and Tactical Training three times a week.
Training program that is custom designed for each individual player.
Classroom instruction, match and video analysis.
Speed and Agility Training to increase quickness and reaction abilities.
Injury prevention program that includes Core, Flexibility, Calisthenics and Isometric training.
Assistance with education and university identification, as well as with the admissions process.
College Showcases – our annual showcase and Summer Tour in the USA against NCAA collegiate teams.

Player Assessments
A detailed assessment of a player's strengths and weak areas. The assessment will be clear as to where the player is currently, and what they need to do to play at the next level. Goals and targets are set both on and off the soccer field.

Training program, custom designed for each player, includes:
Speed and Strength
Functional training (position specific training)
Mental training in preparation for the Collegiate or Professional game

Player profiles include:
Online profiles (Winstars website)
Creation of Highlight videos

University Planning and Placement
Consultation with the athlete and professional advice based on experience
Research universities that are the right fit academically and athletically for each player
Academic preparation: information on standardized tests, the clearing house, and NCAA and NAIA requirements
SAT course to maximize SAT scores

Our Academy program is by selection only. Contact Us to arrange for a free trial at one of our upcoming training sessions.

Program Highlights
Winstars player in game action

Our track record for getting players scholarships to quality schools is unmatched.