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Winstars Soccer Academy

University is not a 4 year investment – it is a 40 year investment

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Dr. Lukasz Kwapisz, now has added two more specializations, Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. He works at the Mayo Clinic in Texas and will come and see us play in Dallas when we are there real soon. One of the very rewarding part of my wee job is to have stories like this continue and are real. Lukasz received his full scholarship at UAB – Alabama at Birmingham – NCAA D1, it has a very good medical school and that is why we chose it. After completing his 4 years, Lukasz earned a post graduate Degree paid for by Conference USA as he was the Conference Scholar Athlete. You see in the picture besides teammate Dejan Jakovic, who has made his career as a professional soccer player and continues to live the dream with MLS LA FC.

This is like stuff for the movies, however it is real, now I have so many former players in all occupations in life. We are real and no program or Coach has had this kind of success in Canada and it just keeps continuing. What more could we want for our Kids! Real proud of Lukasz and Dejan, great memories.

Bobby Graham, Academy Director

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