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Xavier University and Ohio State Trip Details

Good afternoon. On Thursday, we will leave at Noon from our soccer office. The Players got back to me and said they are all good to go at Noon and it works better as if we left at 3pm we would catch the rush hour traffic south of the border in Detroit. We will make a stop off Hwy 401 in the Milton area as well in London for Elesio. We will cross at the Port Huron Bridge in Sarnia.

We are staying at Hilton Garden Inn – located 1 mile from XAVIER University.

Xavier University

3800 Victory Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45207

Xavier University banner

Friday February 25th

– Breakfast at the Hotel – they have a full breakfast
– Tour of XAVIER University with the Coaching Staff at 10am
– Pre-game meal at hotel at 1:30pm – private room set up for team
– Depart for Soccer Complex 4:30pm
– Warmup on the Soccer Field at 5pm
– Game on the Soccer Complex Field at 6pm
– Dinner at 8:30pm at hotel – private room set up for team.

Corcoran Field

Corcoran Field – Facilities – Xavier University Athletics
2021Soccer Parking Map (PDF) – Xavier University Athletics
Directions – Xavier University Athletics

Xavier University Soccer Field

3800 Victory Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45229

Saturday February 26th

Have breakfast in hotel and head for Dayton, Ohio
Kickoff at 2pm at Bajaun Field outside Bajaun Soccer Stadium
We will most likely stay at Ohio State on Saturday evening, working on everything right now.

Sunday February 27th

Arrive at the Soccer Complex at 12:30pm
Warmup at 1pm
Game time vs. Ohio State at 2pm

General Trip Details

Everyone must have a passport, as well as being double vaccinated.
Everyone must have cross border insurance. Most Parents have it, if you do not have it, you can get it from Manulife or Blue Cross online. OHIP does not cover you when in the USA.

Insurance must be obtained prior to departure, not during or after. If it is under your Parents insurance, please bring policy number and contact number if sick or injured. I need a copy of the document in case of injury or sickness.

Please space out on Coach Bus and we want to wear masks whenever we need to or can. COVID has not gone away, we must be careful. There will be two players per room, and it is a very large room with two double beds in the room, it is like a suite.

I have our three new sets of uniforms and new socks for everyone. New players will be given travel gear to wear and return later when we come back.

My cellular is 647-745-8864 while on the road.

The Bus must be respected, and all garbage picked up and brought to the bag and there is a toilet on the Bus, however, only use it in an emergency, try to do the toilet when we stop.

All it is, is a tank and after a couple of days could stink if we do not follow this and the players at the back of the bus will smell it. Of course, if you need to use it, do so.

Our four simple rules

Be on time
Don’t Whine
Don't wait to be asked to do something
Do it when you should not when you have to

Bobby Graham – Academy Director – 905-265-1285 winstarssoccer.com

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