About Winstars

We assist young players to an exciting future

Winstars training picAt Winstars we have a proven track record for assisting focused, young soccer athletes to obtain scholarships to excellent US and Canadian universities, as well as positions on professional teams. We provide the background so that players can start up careers as skilled, certified coaches. In fact, a solid foundation in soccer instills self-confidence, and develops the expert team-building and problem-solving skills needed, to give players an edge in the job market. With a cleverly-designed, patient training program which includes professional coaches, we are continually opening doors for talented, young players.

See our Past Players page, to see all of the universities and colleges our players have attended, and all of impressive careers that have resulted. Also on our Testimonials page, learn what past players continue to say about our program.

Developing the Player – The Winstars Academy Way

We want our players to dream, regardless of their level of play. They deserve our very best attention and effort to help them realize those dreams. Our emphasis is on training as this is where our athletes hone their skills to become better players. Games are secondary as they are just a test of what you have trained.

We train and play in a competitive environment where we showcase our players and have more exposure for NCAA athletic scholarships or a professional contract. It is our philosophy that you have to learn to play the game first before you compete. Our emphasis is on technique and letting players express themselves and be creative and develop the talents that they have.

It is my opinion that in our country too much focus is on running and athleticism, and competitiveness. We want to have our players more technically gifted and so teach technique, ball skills, and game awareness. We want to inspire confidence in all of our players, because with confidence they can make the impossible possible. We do not look at what a player is today, we look at what he could be a few years down the road and our main goal is to maximize the full potential of each player so that he can make it to the next level.

Our focus extends beyond giving the players the opportunity to succeed in soccer. We want our players to succeed in Life.

Bobby Graham, Academy Director

Why Winstars is the Soccer Academy for you

Winning Results

We are competitive and like to win. Our advice is based on real life experiences of what works and what does not. We are committed to developing strategies and tactics that achieve specific and measurable winning results for you.


The foundation of every relationship must be Integrity and trust.

New Thinking

We want our Players to be creative and to experiment with them on the field technically and tactically whenever you can.


Our academy has specialized knowledge and understanding of what it takes for a Player to get to the next level. Our business is unique and we have the in depth knowledge, experience and expertise to understand and assist our academy players.


The importance of working together and putting it all together. Working with Teammates and training and playing games as a team.


To reach your full potential as a soccer player you have to have the correct attitude both on and off the soccer field. You have to be positive and dedicated as well as composed and in control of the moment.


We know that relationships drive business success. Our Academy has the Executive-level relationships with the key decision makers of our sport and industry influencers at every level in North America.


It is our opinion that skills and technique are essential to inspire creativity, flair and excitement in the game of soccer and make it fun to play.

The Winstars Soccer Consulting and Academy focuses on professionally-centered soccer development, preparing elite players for U.S. Collegiate and worldwide pro-league competitions.