Henry Allan # 5

Personal Information
Henry Allan

Graduation Year: 2019
Central Defender

Address: 39 Hillcrest Avenue
City: St Catharines
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: L2R 4Y2
Country: Canada
Phone #: (289) 407-0191
Email: henry.allann@gmail.com

Personal Strengths & Goals:

I take pride in my school work and in my sport. The phrase student athlete is really important because it defines the way I think, academics first and then the sport will follow. In order to have success on the field you must have success in the classroom first.I play soccer because I love the game. Soccer helps me create relationships with people that last a lifetime.

By playing soccer it helps me grow as a person and teaches me to respect my teammates as well as my opponents.  I am a strong physical defender with great in air presence.  I can finish when I get the chance too but most importantly, I am the hardest worker on the field, day in and day out.  I will  “go through walls” for my Team.  Soccer is not just a game to me it is a passion.  I look forward to the opportunity to attend a University where I can grow as a student and as an athlete/soccer player.

Athletic Information: Academic Information:

Date of Birth: June 11, 2001
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 180 lbs
Years Playing: 12 Years
Dominant Foot: Right
Primary Position: Center Back
Secondary Position: Outside Back
Years of Rep Soccer: 10 Years

GPA: 83%
SAT: 1000 and to be written again

References: Accomplishments:

Bob Graham
Phone: (905) 265-1285
Email: winstarssoccer@bellnet.ca

Athlete of the Year in School for past 4 years
Leadership Team and School Representative

Other Athletic Activities: Highlight Videos

Track and Field
Varsity Hockey